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Leshana Habaah · Dam Tzefardeia · More · Stories · Games · Recipes · Printables · TEENren's Crafts · Passover Features. Apr 12, 2008 . This song-filled Passover seder for young TEENren and their family members took place in April 2008 at Beth El Hebrew Congregation, . This "Twenty-minute Pesach Seder for 2s and 3s" is designed to provide the of phrases and traditional (and not so traditional) songs and prayers; we see the . Apr 9, 2016 . Area: Passover Songs. Idea: Here is a good one for toddlers: Pat a cake, Pat a cake, Matzah Man. Bake me an afikomen as fast as you can.Shirlala's album has classic Passover songs and new seder hits.. And if you want to keep your TEENs engaged, you might want a slightly bigger list of songs you  . Make your Passover celebration even more fun with songs the whole family can learn and sing! Pre-K-2 Passover Songbook Download the individual songs or .

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